Welcome to HeartFelt Awakenings

Welcome to HeartFelt Awakenings

Welcome to HeartFelt AwakeningsWelcome to HeartFelt AwakeningsWelcome to HeartFelt Awakenings

About Me


My work, perspective, and approaches to self-introspection, healing, and family dynamics are typically most helpful when focused upon the following issues…

*  Marriage & Family Counseling

*  Pre-marital Counseling & Divorce Mediation

*  Adolescent Mentoring & Life Path Exploration

*  College Guidance, Test Prep & Grad School

*  Adlerian Psychology & Family Systems

*  Children of Divorced & Blended Families

*  Spiritual Awakenings & Energy Healing

*  Life Partner Matchmaking & House Sharing Compatibility Test 


I AM passionate about offering new perspectives and encouraging ourselves to assess whether new perspectives resonate inside us, rather than blindly believing what we’re told as ultimate truth.

 I AM passionate about change and manifesting a world that works for everyone, regardless of differences.  I AM passionate about always learning and being inspired, honoring thySelf by following our heart, respecting our mind, feeling our emotions, and living our Spirit!


Let's talk to see if we want to work together...

There's so much fun technology here these days that we should enjoy it!!!  Especially, since life is so busy, we can take advantage of video calls through Skype or Facetime to see if we are a good fit to do some profound work together.  I AM more than happy to speak with you for 20 minutes to explore a plan of action, considering your goals and strengths. 


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What's on Your Mind? How May I Assist?

Office Hours by Appointment Only

However, Skype is available as soon as our schedules connect.

HeartFelt Awakenings

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